As you are planning lessons regarding Pennsylvania, please consider these helpful resources that are available through my office. You can get take a look at each option through these links.

If you have interest in ordering any of these, please contact my Capitol secretary, Carol Henry. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 717-705-7161.


ABC's of Safe Kids Coloring book

Color and Learn Coloring book

Common Trees

Complete Rudy's Rules

Great Moments in PA's History coloring book

Learning About Lawmaking

Making Laws in PA

Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety book

Our House

PA Journey coloring book

PA History

The Basics of Pennsylvania's History and Government

Text of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence

Wildlife Notes

Wildlife of PA coloring book


The American Flag

The Pennsylvania Flag

Pennsylvania's 67 Counties

American History

PA State Symbols

Pennsylvania - Test Your Knowledge

PA Firsts in the Nation

The Pledge of Allegiance


Capitol Facts

Common Trees

Flag Facts

PA Firsts & Symbols bookmark

The Choice for Me is Drug Free bookmark

Find additional resources for teaching about Pennsylvania here.